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Re: Sources of Inspiration

Originally Posted by Rvrsal View Post
In my case, I kind of power through it. I've had some pretty good songs come out of sessions where it took me hours to lay down the basic chords. IDK, I feel like there's something to be said for accepting that it's not always going to flow out naturally but still sitting down for the same amount of time.
I agree with Rvrsal, I power through it. For me to take a break from producing can mean loss of inspiration even further. I feel like even sitting down with a new project a day, and writing maybe a different chorus or a verse part can be really invigorating, and then when you're out of your rut you might have 2 or 3 solid ideas you can return to later.

Edit: Also personally drinking whiskey helps the flow of writing for me (and probably make much worse EQ decisions) but it's a trade off I suppose, whatevz.
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