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Originally Posted by aLiner View Post
I think when you force something from an idea you formed in your mind; it taps into your ego, and you forget about the love for what you're doing and just become anxious.
I have to completely agree, and frankly I'm relieved I'm not the only one experiencing this.

I've never properly written tracks before, in the sense that I've never seen myself being able to publish something with a feeling of accomplishment, or the feeling of "ok, this won't get any better even if I tried".
In fact, I find myself extremely insecure with everything I produce, so much that it has taken me months to finally start considering publishing something.

At the same time, due to my lack of knowledge in what refers to sound design and mastering, I've started panicking for not being able to speed through the creative process, which is a pretty dumb thing, now that I think about it: the producer is supposed to enjoy every bit of what he does, otherwise it becomes a spiral of dissatisfaction and destructive self-criticism.

The best solution seems to be finding a reliable source of information on these topics. And I just came across this forum.

Ain't that neat? xD
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