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bbb 19-05-2014 12:02 AM

[MAWM]My stuffs
My first of the month one:

Going to upload this one:

And this piano thing:


Reflection B:

bbb 20-05-2014 05:51 AM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
Uploaded the thing I toyed around with tonight while I drank some beer. I'm finding I vary too much on the stuff I want to make. =/

Muse-ic 20-05-2014 06:16 AM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
The first track is really awesome, love the rhythm and the rich heavy bass sound, kind of an industrial sound and element to it. Very cool. I think it would work to add some more elements to it.

Piano track, love it, great mood. Totally imagine myself at the piano late night, quite beautiful. It feels like it could use something to tie in the beat in with the piano. I actually like the beat, it's nice and subtle and works. Maybe some variation a bit? Anyway, nice work! I really enjoyed the piano. :)

bbb 20-05-2014 06:38 AM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
Thanks for listening. When I make something like this, I tend to delete the drums and add in subtle things. The kick was more for me to keep time without having to think too much when playing. So it may go or be stretched further.

The more people comment on my piano stuff, however simple, the less I feel like keeping them to myself, so thank you.

Muse-ic 20-05-2014 06:42 AM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
Please keep sharing, it was beautiful. :) Actually you give me more courage to share some of my piano tracks that don't really have much other than the piano.

bbb 20-05-2014 06:45 AM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
Please do. You can always PM me them.

bbb 20-05-2014 07:11 AM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
Adding a few other tracks, while I'm at it. A piano thing and one attached with some drums(which I actually hate the drums).

Muse-ic 20-05-2014 07:23 AM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
Ah love it! Refection is incredible! Seriously you should make an album. Love both A and B. Really gorgeous, and inspiring, now I want to make something. :D

A.M 29-05-2014 10:03 PM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
Hey, apologies for not giving you any feedback before now. You're not alone in that, trust me..I'm only now really getting a chance to check out everyone's stuff, due to being tied up offline myself for the last few weeks.

Anyway, I just played all of yours and here's a few short words on each track..

Track 1: This track takes me back to the 80s for some reason..can't put my finger on just why, but it does..and not in a bad way either. Everything works in this mix for me and I can't really add anything more than what the others have said already. Nice one.

Track 2: the bassy feel on this! Really deep vibe coming off something off of the movie "Blade"..can see Snipes walking down a darkened hall in slow-mo. Cool.

Track 3: Thanks for this pure beauty of a gem..REALLY my kind of thing..deceptively simply, yet so packed with power and emotion..simply inspirational, as M already noted. Reminds me ever so slightly of Clint Mansell's "Memories (Someone We'll Never Know)" from the "Moon" soundtrack..and that's a good me. Only wish this were a bit it..totally love it. It's the best track for me so far.

Track 4: Another stonker of a track. M is SHOULD do a full album of stuff like this. I think I said it to you REALLY have a talent for this kind of "feel" it so clearly. It's a shame you don't make em longer is all.

Track 5: Even more class! Sorry..don't mean to sound like I'm kissing ass here, but please..PLEASE..let me know if and when you release an album full of this music..I be first in line to buy it.

Sorry for not being more technical in my review..but I was coming at this more as a listener than a critic. Besides,my take on this challenge has always been one of mutual support, more so than one of critic in general. None of our stuff is going to be perfect..after all, we've banged em out in a month. But..for me..I think your stuff has left more of an impression on me than anyone's has, as it closer to what I do myself and like to listen to..

Thanks for sharing these and I look forward to checking out your stuff even more in future. :drinks:

bbb 03-06-2014 07:10 PM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
No worries man. Thanks for the feedback. I have anoth on my sc but more just a segment. I also made and posted these around mid-month.

relic 04-06-2014 05:56 PM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
The first one is cool man. I dig it. It feels like a pretty complete idea. Really like the main riff on it.

I like the dark vibe on the second one, but somehow it didn't catch my fancy as much as the first one.

Digging the third as well, could do with some glitchy percussion dropping in near the end or something? I am a beats guy : ) Piano is beautiful though.

scyn 11-06-2014 07:55 PM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
Listened to reflection. Do like. I could also easily do with a whole album worth of stuff like this. Really dig the uncomplicated yet emotional quality of the piano & the subtle background textures.

dodomi 22-08-2014 10:53 AM

Re: [MAWM]My stuffs
I like very much :)

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