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liquid_air 05-08-2017 03:57 PM

iConnect MIDI 2+ trouble
I cannot seem to figure out how to set up the MIDI routing using iConnectivity's iConnect MIDI2+.

I set up the MIDI routing in Audio and MIDI setup, I generated an aggregate audio device, selected the appropriate MIDI port in Logic in an ext. instrument track, sending to all channels. With factory setup or routing everything to everything in iConfig I get exactly nothing... no MIDI signal.

Can anyone point me to a step by step instruction of how to do this? I am trying to connect my iPad to use it as a VST.

jbvdb493 05-08-2017 04:28 PM

Re: iConnect MIDI 2+ trouble
I know this isn't going to help, but I have all the default settings on mine and that's the best way to have it work it seems.
That software they have is pretty terrible imo.
Try factory reset on the Iconnect midi.
Also I don't think you need it as an aggregate device, I think that's just to run 2 audio interfaces at the same time. Since it's a midi interface that does some kind of weird networking thing with the iPad I don't think it's necessary. I can't say for sure tho, i only had an iconnectivity audio 4+, so it was never an issue. And now I have a iconnectivity mio instead, having for the most part given up on the iPad, except to sample from Animoog using the io dock.
Edit : also the midi routing in certain apps is shitty, maybe look into that too if the factory reset doesn't work.
Then finally get a hold of iconnectivity support.

liquid_air 05-08-2017 04:39 PM

Re: iConnect MIDI 2+ trouble
You're right about the aggregate device. I also tried a factory reset, but still no joy.

If I end up sampling, I'll probably do that within the iPad and use Dropbox to pull it over.

jbvdb493 05-08-2017 05:32 PM

Re: iConnect MIDI 2+ trouble
I think you might have to look into your apps too then
If you play the apps on the touch screen in audio going into logic?

liquid_air 05-08-2017 06:09 PM

Re: iConnect MIDI 2+ trouble
No, no audio, either.

chasedobson 05-08-2017 06:09 PM

Re: iConnect MIDI 2+ trouble
no good tutorials im afraid.

that said, the iconnect editor does start to make more sense the more you use it. I had to do a lot of midi re-channelization and filtering to get the Tycho rig working the way I wanted (so i could use an Iconnect Mio10 to aggregate all of the midi outputs on stage and run a single midi line to the offstage computers). It was a little bit of a pain in the ass due to the way everything is labeled in there but once you wrap your head around the fact that for every port, be it MIDI DIN, USB, Cat5 there is a full featured set of controls it gets easier.

back to your issue. You'll need to aggregate if you want to use iConnect audio along side your audio interface. Its not the best solution but it will work. I'd say make sure you are outputting the midi to the correct port to get your ipad triggering. To simplify in my home rig, I have disabled in Ableton the ports I am not using.

One of the best things that Iconnect (hell and MOTU) could do is allow one to change the nomenclature for ones ports. If you had a port labeled IPAD or NORD it would be so much faster than thinking about which device is on DIN 1 etc...

I'm not logic master, but feel free to PM me if you are still struggling with it.

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