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l3ug 20-06-2017 06:28 PM

[Braindance/Drill'n Bass] Bug ElectRoots
hello everyone!
I hope that at least this time I'm sharing in the correct section, anyway this my last and fresh production i create on Ableton Live 9.0.1 suite edition, just take some classical harp sample from a unknown album and put some drill/complex beat on it! I have use Synth01, operator and a lot of Ableton's Audio Effect (eq eight, compressor, flanger, phaser beat repeat etc etc) the voice come from another "Motivation american video" ahah it's just perfect! i have use some classical amen and loop Shaking them to my liking

161.80 bpm for this single

i've no label and Is not part of any album, just another song. :hi::hi:

hope you enjoy^^ comment and critical are welcome, In fact I would like to have a judgment on at least the latest productions I'm performing! :drinks: :drinks:

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