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burner 28-05-2017 02:12 PM

Best ambient / downtempo mixes
Hey folks,

New to the forum, though been lurking on and off for a while. You lot have helped me find some sterling music - cheers!

I've just started mixing again after a decade's hiatus - and started mixing downtempo for the first time. I'm on the look out for some inspiration. What are your favourite downtempo and/or ambient mixes? (As in, sets mixed together by DJs). To get the ball rolling, here are a few of mine.

- Nick Warren's Ambient Mix August 2009 -

Absolutely sublime set, with one of the best few track openings I've heard. This saw me off to sleep on many an Indian bus ride while I was travelling.

- Tipper's downtempo Shambhala set -

This mix has provided the music for so many wonky nights. A downtempo mix with scratching in it too - works a treat.

- TRC's Downgraded mix -

A long, meticulously crafted mix by TRC from the nuskoolbreaks forum (who, as far as I know, is just a bedroom DJ). Sadly the link seems to be broken now. But I'll see if I can upload it somewhere...

Right then... over to you

PS: Tried to copy links in but I'm too new to be allowed :( Google will see you right though....

burner 29-10-2017 08:32 PM

Re: Best ambient / downtempo mixes
No one? :(

funkyjeff77 29-10-2017 10:04 PM

Re: Best ambient / downtempo mixes
Hi ! Jazzanova, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Massive attack currently stuff like Synkro and many!

do you know Gramatik ?

burner 30-10-2017 10:22 PM

Re: Best ambient / downtempo mixes
Nice one funkyjeff,

Big fan of K&D and Massive Attack, but can you recommend any particular sets by them? I'm interested in hearing how the masters put their sets together (and in hearing a bundle of great tracks too).

I know the general wisdom with downtempo is to let the tracks breathe and keep the crossovers fairly short, but then TRC's Downgraded mix is rife with very long crossovers between tracks, with loops bleeding on for minutes into the incoming track. (As soon as I get permission on here, I'll send a link as the original link is dead and it's one of the BEST downtempo sets you'll ever hear)

I've found, since playing around pulling my set together, that some tracks can handle being practically mashed up, being left running together for a minute or more, breaking down and dropping together. But I can find precious few examples of this kind of mixing around. Hence my interest in hearing people's favourite downtempo sets, to hear how they pull the tracks together.

Will check out the rest of those artists too. Noice wan! :drinks:

Daggit 31-10-2017 01:00 AM

Re: Best ambient / downtempo mixes
This one is quite well known: Midnight Bloom by Shulman and Bluetech

Another interesting one I've mentioned before is the Sea Biscuit album by SpaceTime Continuum. The very first track isn't even really ambient, it's pretty exciting, but it's pretty good and was very advanced for that era back then.

Also, a tune that doesn't fit neatly into genres is Rise And Illuminate by JHNO. Awesome.

funkyjeff77 31-10-2017 11:59 PM

Re: Best ambient / downtempo mixes
Hi Burner, first question how can I quote your reply ?

To answer your query, I definately recommend the following :

1) K&D : DJ Kicks
2) Daddy G (From MA) : DJ Kicks as well...
3) Also check these DJ Tributes on Soundcloud : Rekall - Kruder & dofrmeister and my tribute to massive attack under my Funky Jeff alias also on Soundcloud !

Also one fav set of mine is The outernational by Thievery corp, splendid downtempo!

Portishead : Essential mix...

Kid loco's mix on K-7...

Personally, I have been mixing downtempo in bar where I live up to two or 3 minutes or sometimes just 30 seconds...

Check out Trip-hop classics also on SC!


kalami 16-01-2018 10:30 AM

Re: Best ambient / downtempo mixes
downtempo mix

1. Bonobo - The Plug
2. Borads Of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
3. The Deadbeats - Heaven
4. Harmonic 33 - Rainsong
5. Negghead - Know The Score
6. Homelife - Fairweather Friend
7. The Herbaliser - Moon Sequence
8. Hermitude - The Drift
9. Smith & Mighty - That Woman
10. Amon Tobin - Nightlife
11. DJ Krush - Slit Of Cloud
12. Blockhead - You've Got Maelstrom
13. DJ Cam - Bounce
14. Bernocchi, Kondo, Laswell - Called
15. The Deadbeats - Just Antoher Day
16. Rae & Christain - Swansong (TLS Vocal)

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