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liquid_air 30-08-2017 07:05 PM

Response to whomever posted on LA supremacists
Future generations of archeologists might unearth a puzzling finding in the former coastal regions of California and this is a brief report on their bewilderment:

A surprising density of silicone genital and breast implants have recently been discovered around ritual burial sites of what were formerly coastal regions of the North American southwest. This has led some experts to propose a highly controversial theory linking the high density of surgical centers, the sunny climate (as evidenced by the prevalence of plants adapted to a semi-arrid climate), and those curious remains. They speculate that at its peak of civilization life centered around leisure and pleasures of the flesh. Female remains also showed tell-tale signs of stunted bone growth in early life, suggesting severe malnutrition at the same time that similar specimens from regions of the former Midwest and particularly the southeastern parts of the North American continent showed signs of degenerative skeletal disease commonly associated with severe obesity. Conventional scientific opinion has long established that this was indicative of the coastal regions of the southwest being dominated by the more affluent societies of the other neighboring regions. Remains of large farming operations in parts of the southwest generally support that theory. In the most contested parts of this new theory, the coastal societies could afford a leisurely life because they sold vast amounts of food and other goods, perhaps goods unique to their lifestyle, to other regions, mostly the midwestern and southeastern parts of the continent. Hence, say proponents of this bold new theory, they could maintain a decadent lifestyle in which beauty was so central that the signs of malnutrition were in fact self inflicted and intentional.

Curiously, a more recent finding of a large wall stretching several hundred miles just towards the southern end of the North American continent has posed some interesting questions. It's completion coincides with the beginning of an unusually rapid decline of the farming operations in the southwestern region. Experts are puzzled why it was built and what it's impact on this curious culture dwelling in the coastal southwest may have been. What is clear is that whoever ate all the food they grew, didn't live there.

Roo Stercogburn 30-08-2017 08:39 PM

Re: Response to whomever posted on LA supremacists
Pretty sure it was LA supermarkets. Something about the price of gatoraid.

Vault O))) 30-08-2017 08:46 PM

Re: Response to whomever posted on LA supremacists
Nazis and their fucking Gatorade

lolirl 31-08-2017 07:31 AM

Re: Response to whomever posted on LA supremacists
$40-$60Bn in property damage.
$7Bn in lost income.
2nd largest port closed.
Oil production severely dented.
Chemical production halted.

I hope you don't have any enemies.


fidelium 02-09-2017 10:59 AM

Re: Response to whomever posted on LA supremacists
home depot doesn't have enough lumberg fucked her

Vault O))) 02-09-2017 07:36 PM

Re: Response to whomever posted on LA supremacists
I feel like I'm in the IDMF subforum simulator thread right now

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