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Re: DSI Evolver - comments?

I played with the keyboard version which is the same just less knobs and interface. It rocks, really awesome synth. The only thing i dont like is that its mono. The mopho is great to. Its like the Mono Evolver just no Digital OSC's.

Originally Posted by Shift-E View Post
I posted a thread yesterday about the Roland SH-201 and got some pretty shitty feedback. I also read some customer reviews and most of them sucked. I guess that one is out of the loop.

Anyways, I heard you guys mention some of Dave Smith's instruments. My main concern is creating some spacey monosynth lines that glide - e.g. - (kind of like Squarepusher's Theme from Earnest Borgnine)- type synth lines. (just an example) I just love the way they sound. I've created some pretty cool synth lines using the TAL Bassline and the SH-101 emulator but the envelopes sound so muddy and non-expressive.

Have any of you guys ever used one of these? If so, what did you think? What have you heard? One of my concerns is that I see no portamento but I guess that's what the glide feature would do. I simply like simple monosynth lines that glide and sound ANALOG.

Another question I guess I would have is could I trigger notes from
my software sequencer instead of using it's onboard sequencers?
I'm gonna shut up now. DSI EVOLVER:


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