Korg M1 Piano
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Korg M1 Piano


I use the Korg M1 Piano16 or the M1HousePiano for old skooly piano house tracks.

Does anyone here have any tips for me on EQ'ing this piano? does it need it? aren't EQ cuts and boosts mostly only minor / subtle?

Also, any tips on how to move notes to give it a more humanistic feel. I thought it sounded ok as it but someone said it was too regimented and need more humanisation. Also, velocity editing?

Here is an example of a track I like that used the same piano.

Check out - Evolution - Metropolis (Sasha's Piano Dub Mix) on YouTube.

Don't know if it would've had any processing on in this track.

Also, how did they get the piano so nice in:-

Rock U - Dream Frequency ?

Just thought I'd ask. Sorry, can't post links yet.

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Re: Korg M1 Piano

Here's some ideas...

I think the piano is processed on the first track.

Perhaps the keyboard's onboard chorus was used on the very lowest setting. It will have been fed through an analogue mixing desk if their studio setup environment was fixed in place (synths patched into the desk)... so then maybe some sends were used for getting the signal into an effects rack... Phaser and aural exciter, perhaps.

Then maybe they EQ's the channel quite heavily and also EQ'd the return to emphasize harmonics.

Perhaps they then multi-sampled the piano notes, sequenced it, applying further processing on the Akai, EMU, Roland or Yamaha sampler. In doing that, and saving the multi samples to disk, they would have had a "hard copy" of the song's instrument for remixes or whatever. So this "creating core sounds", getting them onto the sampler, and then using them in a sequence/performance is a totally different way of working than VST plugins etc. Remember that most of these 90s producers started in the late 80s with only a sampling keyboard, a drum machine and a Roland synth so sampling was part of their natural work-flow.

Also; the piano notes might well have been a "performance" (multiple triggered patches) and not just a single instrument... at any stage of the production (i.e pre-sampled or post-sequenced)

Oh , I'll add this: Depending on if/how they multi-sampled the piano, when they spanned the samples across the keys, it would have formed certain harmonic character due to how multi-sampling intrinsically works.

So, for example, Let's say you sampled C four times on four octaves, then spanned it, (also keep in mind that the Roland source synth contains multi samples in ROM), when you then play notes, off the sampler, within just one octave then you'll get a certain harmonic character yet when the riff ascends into the next octave (different sample) the resulting harmonic character changes because the polyphony is now being filled by two simultaneous samples.

This way of working produces different harmonics than all the sounds coming off a single CPU!

Sound on Sound have some "lost art of sampling" articles that probably explain it way better than my ramblings do !

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