[Industrial/Jungle/IDM] Fate Aeffect - Parabiosis (SLICE013)
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FATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant futureFATE ÆFFECT has a brilliant future
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Icon13 [Industrial/Jungle/IDM] Fate Aeffect - Parabiosis (SLICE013)

"The nineties rave and junglist scenes went on a day trip to hell and recorded an album. You may need counselling if you listen too long."

Here is my new album. Fate Æffect - Parabiosis (LP) and some free download codes for band camp. You can get it here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click here to register]
Msg me if all the codes below have run out.

Parabiosis is a unique mix of dark IDM, industrial, and experimental electronic music, a glimpse at a futuristic dystopian world of cybernetic control and decaying reality. Parabiosis swells with a futuristic undertow, dishing out well-placed metallic lashings of cinematic synth sounds and heavily programmed, cut-up drumstorms that combine in fits of chaos and technical wizardry, unleashed in varying degrees of wrathe. The album is dark, conceptually cyber occult, and well-crafted, with Fate Æffect’s exceptional production abilities safely delivering us from start to finish.
An album that will put you out of your comfort zone, the rough futuristic soundscapes of Parabiosis seep in with blasts of complexity and overwhelming tenacity. Like a Siren on treacherous rocks, unceremoniously followed by the inevitably brutal impact, Parabiosis morphs, lures, persists, destroys and deliberates on a surreal, creeping paranoia.

Global fallout and pyrocumulus clouds that shed black rain on a world ruled by vampyric elites that exsanguinate the stupefied pavlovian masses to immanentize the eschaton.
From the dystopian megacities and across the mysterious fluoride oceans, omniscient flying scum zealots induce terror vomit to the objective and subjective realities of all life forms that bear witness to the outside.
Occult transhumanists mesmerise the plebeians with onanism as they watch their screens, while the reptilians sodomize them for their essence, the saucer people invade their body and whisper to their mind - “Everything is ok, be very afraid.”


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Re: [Industrial/Jungle/IDM] Fate Aeffect - Parabiosis (SLICE013)

grins is sick. that album cover is this entire forums porn history hahaha fucking aliens can't stop getting turned on by everything for christ sake
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Re: [Industrial/Jungle/IDM] Fate Aeffect - Parabiosis (SLICE013)

This is absolutely perfect, you simply must contact me about my project, yet again i say, this is what I'm looking for


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