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Re: JJAWM - relic

Originally Posted by liquid_air View Post
Yeah, I like the second one a bot more. Some nice elements in there and sounds really clean.

I was just thinking that when I think Dub, I have this Kruder & Dorfmeister sound in mind. I wasn't feeling that groove. I always thought Dub reminded me of Reggae, but I've only encountered it much in the Trip Hop/Lounge arena.

This has a nice chill feel to it, but to me it seems a bit undecided between styles. I guess that may really excite some listeners, but for me it didn't quite work. If you went for that tension between styles, you nailed it. If you wanted it to be really Dub oriented, I guess some more base and lo-fi syncopation might fit.

Just not really my thing, this sound, so I may not be all that helpful here.


if you are talking about the one rfj commented on...yea it ended up being a bit all over the place...I think when I edit this I'm going to drop the chords and cut it around the six minute mark...I appreciate the comments as these are all sketches really...I'm going to go back and edit the arrangement so this is useful...love K&D btw!

I'll do a proper dub techno track for the lets make some techno thread here soon


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