Undogmatic, from the broke-ass country known as Portugal. :)
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Undogmatic, from the broke-ass country known as Portugal. :)

Hey everybody, this is Undogmatic, how's it going?
Somebody has suggested me to join this forum because it's a nice spot with tons of info about the world of music production, with lots of users willing to share interesting ideas, their music, and some feedback (hopefully some constructive criticism) and so on. So it should be interesting.

About me...
Well I'm just a random guy from Portugal, I've always been interested in music as a listener, and a pretty eclectic listener. During the last years I've been listening to stuff ranging from chill out, downtempo, trip hop, idm, to industrial, grindcore and death metal (and other noisier stuff), to name a few, so really no barriers for me, I guess, haha.
I think it's interesting and makes it a richer listening experience when you're not stuck in one genre only.

As a beatmaker...
It was only very recently that I've started my music project called Undogmatic, the style is mostly based around downtempo, trip hop, some dub, and instrumental hip hop, some other experimental stuff as well, I usually try to make it sound as analogue and diversified as possible.

The beats are usually dark, melancholic and/or atmospheric.

Since I'm kinda on the humble side, I can't quite judge it myself and decide whether it's good or not (I fear I might overrate or underrate it), so I don't know how good it is until someone judge it for me (while hopefully being sincere about it). I suppose that's something normal, no? Do you guys have the same fear of being unable to properly evaluate your own music?

Well I guess, like Aristotle said:

Originally Posted by Aristotle
(...) The knowledge of the house is not limited to the builder only; the user, or, in other words, the master, of the house will be even a better judge than the builder, just as the pilot will judge better of a rudder than the carpenter, and the guest will judge better of a feast than the cook.


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