A question that I will literally pay money for~
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A question that I will literally pay money for~

Hello, I have a very strange question, and a hope. . You all probably get a lot of pointless topics so I will be quick. There is a song,that used to be on an online dance\trance\house music station I used to listen to while I was working. It played a variation of Yazoo - Don't Go. Now the shitty thing is that it never said who made the song, it would just play a few times a day. Now I have been looking for this song off and on, probably invested 20 hours looking for this song and they made perhaps 200 variations of this song which all pale in comparison. I have listened to likely EVERY version of this song on youtube and all other sites (mp3skill etc). searched itunes... I am a great searcher of music but this song forever evades me, as it is the BEST version of this song, and it drives me out of my mind that I cannot find it. I will pay you 100$ by whatever method you want if you can help me find this elusive song. It breaks in parts and the break up leaks into the flow of the song, absolutely fabulous. I would be forever grateful if you could help, and if you cannot, please guide me to where I would be able to find a lead~ thank you.


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