Carlo Lio mixes Past, Present, Future - Vol.2 released on SCI + TEC
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Carlo Lio mixes Past, Present, Future - Vol.2 released on SCI + TEC

Carlo Lio lines up his inaugural compilation, and in doing so extends SCI+TEC’s burgeoning ‘Past, Present, Future’ series with a selection of tracks exclusively from the label’s vaults.

Following label head Dubfire’s initial installment, Carlo Lio has been given free-rein to utilize anything from the cavernous SCI+TECcatalogue in any way he sees fit. In keeping with the label’s philosophy much of the content has been re-worked especially for the mix. The results are far beyond impressive.

Canadian sensation Carlo Lio is riding high on a wave crest following a number of years of much lauded output. Through pushing a distinct sound that has been expertly nurtured by the omnipotent SCI+TEC, Carlo’s productions have become a staple in the record boxes of the world’s leading artists. This coupled with his complex and innovative mixing style has earned him fans the world over. These creative facets have been harnessed into a release that clearly defines the ‘Carlo Lio Experience’ in 2012.

Rather than serving a generic track by track mix, Carlo has been sure to re-interpret the tracks so they are representative of his signature sound. The aim has been for the mix to effectively bleed his production style, his transition style, and ultimately his groove. Tracks that would not typically be found in Carlo Lio mix have be cut up and re-worked to fit his aural output.

Part 1’s focus is the ‘Past’ of SCI+TEC, and the tone is set by Kaden’s remix of Squillace’s tech-house smash ‘One Lobster Please’. The mix gives a fantastic journey through the various high points of the label, with Carlo’s approach evident in the dual use of Dubfire’s ‘Rabid’ before Luca Bacchetti’s remix of ‘Crazy Madness’ adds a playful element to the mix.

Part 2 then deals with the present sound of the label, whilst also nodding towards the future. Notable highlights are crowd favourite Paul Ritch’s ‘Common Sense’ with its brilliantly worked sample. The breadth of SCI+TEC is aptly demonstrated here with Nick Curly’s remix of Zoo Brazil’s ‘Slob’ and it’s eerie topline sit effortlessly with SHDWPLAY’s ‘Subconscious’.

Part 1:
1. Intro
+ Electric Rescue - Deviant Groove (FX & Voices Tool)
2. Davide Squillace - One Lobster Please (Mathias Kaden's Gambass Remix)
3. Plasmic Honey - Jungle (Martinez Peak Time Remix)
4. Federico Grazzini & Alex Neri - Habla
+ Dubfire - Rabid (Accapella Mix Tool)
5. Andy Chatterley & Nic Fanciulli - Bottles
6. Carlo Lio - Black
7. Dubfire - Rabid (Instrumental Mix)
+ MiniCoolBoyz - Rimmer Man (Marka T Remix) (Rim Tool)
+ MiniCoolBoyz - Bounce (Build Up Tool)
8. Sebrok - The X
+ Dubfire - Rabid (Radio Slave Remix)(Synth Edit)
+ Carlo Lio - Lets Get Back (Vox Tool)
9. Rocha & Lewinger - Eco Doppler
10. Stever Parker - Klik Klog
11. Reset Robot - Goblin
12. Paul Ritch - Crazy Madness (Luca Bacchetti Remix)
13. Carlo Lio - White
14. Zoo Brazil – Match
+Electric Rescue – Delamoussik (Synth Tool)
+Marco Effe - Hyden (Vocal Shake Tool)

Part 2:
1. Intro
+ Echo Vacio – Treinta (Hats FX Tool)
+ MiniCoolBoyz – Mid (Voice Tool)
+ Sinisa Tamamovic - Waking Up (FX Tool)
2. Macromism - Hip Charmer (Instrumental Version)
3. DJ Simi - Green Twister (Danilo Vigorito Remix)
+ Alberto Pascual – Adequacy (Vox Tool)
4. Zoo Brazil - Slob (Nick Curly Remix)
+ Sinisa Tamamovic - The Drums (Vox Tool)
5. The Junkies - Werq This
6. Paul Ritch - Common Sense
+ Alberto Pascual – Insight (Synth Rhythm Tool)
+ MiniCoolBoyz - Mid
7. Macromism - Ronan Point
+Alberto Pascual – Insight (Synth Rhythm Tool)
8. Echo Vacio - Treinta
+ MiniCoolBoyz – Mid (Snare Roll Tool)
+ Sinisa Tamamovic - Little People (Loop Tool)
+ SHDWPLAY – Subconscious (Clap Vox Tool)
9. The Junkies - Tuco
+ Christopher Bleckmann - Deploy
+ Francesco Bergomi - Sinister Ventriloquist Dummy (Perc Tool)
10. Sinisa Tamamovic - The New Generation
+ Carlo Lio - Keep Groovin
+ Francesco Bergomi - Sinister Ventriloquist Dummy (Perc Tool)
11. SHDWPLAY - Drug Of Choice
+ Macromism - News Before Barcelona
12. Zoo Brazil - Slob


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