Mastering, in general 2017
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Mastering, in general 2017

My apologies if this topic has already been covered, which I am sure it has done so.

I am just pondering the thoughts on mastering in general, which is of course the final stages of any music track. To polish and refine your sound to perform best on all devises and to showcase to others.

However, how relevant is it to use a professional studio or hire an experienced engineer for electronic music in 2017? I read not so long ago that the need for such an expensive and demanding hardware setup is not always necessary these days as computers and software have come a long way which can basically do the same job as a professional studio. Not to mention the battle for "loudness" isn't as important as it used to be as listeners use many different platforms and devices.

Not to take away the skill of the mastering itself which of course, is a skill. Hearing frequencies and altering levels for mix downs correctly is critical to finalising your track.

listening to some of the tracks on here which some are even incomplete, sound complete and mastered well considering the absence of the old skool method.

After reading a fairly in-depth heated post on another forum, this topic arises to me which I would be interested in your thoughts.


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Re: Mastering, in general 2017

Unless you're producing a product to a specific physical media (CD, vinyl, etc) and/or releasing several tracks that all need to sit together as a whole I don't see mastering as necessary. Most of what people consider mastering these days is just more mixing and then turning the track up.

I think the big thing that comes from professional mastering and the reason it's seen as so crucial, even in electronic music, is that having a professional engineer who critically listens to huge amounts of music on incredibly precise equipment day after day results in them hearing things you don't. It shouldn't come as a surprise that they can make minor tweaks to levels and EQs and improve the track.

At the same time guys like Deadmau5 master their own stuff. They just mix it as well as humanly possible, throw a limiter on it until it's bold but not in the red and print it to digital. If you have decent equipment and a good ear it's not rocket surgery.

If you're producing vinyl you either need to do a crazy amount of research into how mastering for the medium works or you need to pay someone to do it. The limitations of physical media is something you can't just fudge around.


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