distortion unit in electroacoustic/experimental
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Learning The Ropes
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distortion unit in electroacoustic/experimental


Not sure, but maybe someone here did this kind of sound and can kindly share technique used ...

I'm talking about specific "color" of sound you can find in some electroacoustic/experimental works.

Sometimes i feel that whole mix is running through distortion effect ... and if you listen to

these examples you'll definitely understand what i'm talking about. But i can't figure out how to

exactly do this What type of distortion, on what frequency range etc.etc...

Maybe someone can help me? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Re: distortion unit in electroacoustic/experimental

I can't listen or even see the soundcloud attachments cause i'm running a script blocker,but electro acoustic shit is usually made by abusing feedback from the room,instrument body,pick ups etc.the distortion usually comes from the excitation of the room/spac via a feedback loop,abusing its geometry with eq and things,multi-mics/placement,speakers,cabinets,pedals (checkout Emptyset for an artsy fartsy,pretentious although sonically interesting example).short and sweet is, you are never getting anything as alive as that ITB (if that is what you was going for).you can get pretty close in something like MAX or Reaktor though,or anything else modular that allows you to mess around with feedback.feedback is an extremely fickle mistress (although fun as fuck knows what)especially any kind of digital approach to it.you are going to be doing alot of banging your head on tables to get anything even remotely musical at first

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