[Ambient Trap] Horizon - With Love
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[Ambient Trap] Horizon - With Love

Hi guys. I just wanted to request some feedback for this project I recently finished. It was the most complex project I've ever worked on, and I feel like I learned a lot in terms of mixing, particularly the use of panning instruments and vocals, etc. It was very insightful. It's not perfect by any means, but it is the best job I could have done, so any feedback and critique would be very valuable for me. Thank you.

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Rate this track - [Ambient Trap] Horizon - With Love.
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Re: [Ambient Trap] Horizon - With Love

I want to start by saying that I love the intro! You really set an awesome mood with all of the ambient and atmospheric sound. The general vibe of this is fantastic.

After listening through the track (several times in a row), I could only come up with two little suggestions. First when the lead comes in at the intro, I would consider bringing it down in the mix a bit more and fading it in. You could even drown it a bit in reverb so that it fades into ambience a bit more.

The one other thing that pulled my attention away from the flow a bit was when the sidechain started before the beat. I did mind this happening but thought it was a little too extreme. Maybe automate the threshold so it doesn't duck out quite so much? Then as it gets closer to the drop the sidechain could get more and more pronounced.

Both of these are pretty nitpicky and really just personal preference. It's definitely an awesome track and you just got another follower on the cloud


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