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Re: What ya'll been up to

@Lug sounds like things are going pretty well for you. Good to hear!

Autumn is coming here as well and enjoying it/looking forward to it.

This weekend we are having a family BBQ. It is the first time my partner's family will meet my family even though we have been together for like 8 years now. Its weird it just never came up before. We have a small house so its hard for us to host more than 4-6 people. We have 14 + us coming (YIKES). I'm making pitchers of a lemonade and blueberry vodka cocktail, hopefully that will keep the savages at bay! We will have tents up outside, but looks like there may be rain.

I finally escaped from teaching the really depressing/weird night classes at the one Uni I teach at. I've got two morning/afternoonish class this semester and it already feels way more like what I'm used to at the school I prefer teaching at (a different Uni). But the one course is "condensed" so we have class for almost two hours, then immediately after that I teach the same class uncondendsed (only 50 minutes long). Its already been hard remembering not to over schedule stuff.

The leather shop has had a couple shitty years in a row. The only people that care about motorcycles where we are, are poor white trash (sorry, not sorry). I'm afraid the store will close. I can't imagine finding another retail job where they were will work around my teaching pretty much not matter what and then give me full time for four months in the summer. I'd also loose my health insurance, which they currently pay 100% of (that was my raise this year).

Overall had an awesome summer. Went to two festivals (Detroit Electronic Music Festival was one), a couple big shows (Dieselboy and Die Antwoord...not same show lol). Had quite a party this summer and surprisingly finding it quite easy to slip back into responsible teacher mode.

Also we adopted a new adult cat four months ago and two kittens (all from a shelter).

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