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Synthmaster 2.6

Hey guys !
I haven't seen any topic to discuss about Synthmaster, which quites surprises me as it's a very, very powerful synth. So here it is.

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It might sound a bit silly, but I truly believe that this might be the new Zebra. It's pretty versatile, allows to do pretty much any type of synthesis : VA, Additive (Razor/Harmor), Wavetable (Serum/Codex), Wavescanning (like in Zebra), Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation (FM8), Pulse Width Modulation, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Physical Modeling and SFZ Sample Playback.

I think it's truly one of the most powerful stuff hardware. It's currently part of my 5 synths armada composed of Serum, FM8, NI's Reaktor Ensemble (Rounds, Spark, Prism, Razor & Kontour) & Zebra.

To me it's also the best alternative if you can't afford Omnisphere (anyway, for me Omnisphere is too heavy, and I feel lost in it, which doesn't make me feel comfortable at all).

1700 Factory presets : I'm not that much into presets, but some time it's cool to navigate through it and start to modulate from a preset. Synthmaster's are not the best in my opinion (if you compare it to the awesome stuff available in Serum or Omnisphere), but some are quite cool and allow to see how stuff work.

Semi-Modular Architecture: Well... Synthmaster guys explain it better than the little frenchie that I am : For each SynthMaster instance, there are 2 layers followed by 2 global effect send busses. Each layer has its own: Arpeggiator, 2 Oscillators, 4 Modulators, 2 Filters, 4 ADSR Envelopes, 2 Multistage Envelopes, 2 2D Envelopes, 2 LFOs and 4 Keyscalers. The modulators can modulate frequency, phase, amplitude or pulse width of the oscillators or any other modulators at audio rate.

It's indcredibly versatile (not Serum yet, but better than Massive) : 650 modulation targets and 95 modulation sources. I guess that you can spend a lifetime on it.

8 macro control (well like in Massive) BUT some awesome XY Pads that allow to modulate any modulation targets. The power in it belongs into simplicity. Using these two XY pads allow you to modulate the patches very easily, and when you have an idea and need to go straight to it, it's making an awesome work.

A shitload of filters : Analog, Digital, Multimode, Dual, Comb & Before/Inside/After Filter Distortion.

A shitload of FX :
Distortion, LoFi, Ensemble, Phaser, 6 Band EQ, Compressor, Vocoder, Delay, Chorus, Tremolo, Reverb.

And also : detune spread, microtuning, online preset browser, etc...

I don't really see anything that Syntmaster can't do. It's overpasses any synth on the Market (except maybe drawing with Zebra HZ and Serum, I don't compare with Omnisphere because they are for very different purposes I think). I always had issues with Zebra interface too (though I love using it because of the matrix), but Synthmaster looks cool and pretty intuitive.

The best thing though is its price. Zebra HZ costs 300$, Massive is 220$, Omnisphere is 500$ (arrghhh), Serum is 190$.
Well SM comes at 130$.

Used alone, it's a killer, if I had to grab only one and only virtual instrument, it would be this one.
Used with some others awesome instruments such as Serum or the Kontakt Squad, I don't even know what it couldn't do.

I'd be glad to discuss about this synth with you, so don't hesitate to respond


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