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Icon3 Re: EnergyXT is still slowly being developed

Originally Posted by badmotor View Post
OK, I'll bite since no-one else is - what's so great about EnergyXT? I had a quick poke around the website, and it looks cheap enough. What are you getting out of that, say that you aren't getting from FL or Reaper?
Well, I use a used computer that was made around 2007 so I don't have the most powerful computer.

Because of this, I can't actually use FL Studio on any complex projects because the dual core CPU maxxes out really easily. So FL Studio is out of my reach for the time being. Also, I don't have the full version so I can't even do anything with audio clips or audio editing or freezing. I'd have to spend another 110 dollars to get that.

Reaper is my main DAW, but lately it seems like every time I try to record some MIDI and quantize it, something goes wrong with how the notes end up. I'm not sure how to fix it. Sometimes it's stuck notes, sometimes it's notes that are quantized too early or too late.

I tried both input quantizing and not input quantizing. And dealing with the multiple grid settings and quantizing settings within Reaper is very confusing to me for the types of things I want to accomplish. I can usually do it, but by the time I do I feel frustrated and sometimes I'm losing inspiration.

Within EnergyXT, I just set one grid setting not 2-4 like in Reaper. I turn on input quantize globally instead of for separate tracks. Whenever I do MIDI overdubs it just seems to work and edits seem easier too. I'm not really sure why. I'm just used to it better I guess. I think EnergyXT's MIDI editor is a bit more like FL Studio's compared to Reaper.

For audio files and plugins, the file browser is right there alongside the project and it's also a bit like FL Studio's built in file browser. But everything is minimalistic. There's not a lot of clutter.

EnergyXT's mixer isn't as powerful as Reaper, but I like having the input trims so that I can adjust levels and still have a visual fader representation that everything is equally set up unless I boost or cut later. Somehow the layout of the inserts and sends makes more sense to me. You don't have to create a track and drag to make a connection for a send. You just adjust the send dial and that's it... like on a hardware console.

When working with loops, I like the different modes of timestretching. You can get different types of sounds by just dragging the mouse instead of looking at menu commands and properties windows in Reaper.

It's overall stuff like that. Simple things. When you load loops they are easily matched to project tempo. Or they can easily be slowed down or sped up.

But the major downside is that the developer has nearly abandoned it and hardly any upgrades or updates have happened over the last few years! There are a lot of complaints about that on KVR. And yet it's still crawling along wtih a few updates here and there.

It just only recently got multicore support, and that's just for the beta. And so I'm using the beta to get work done. I've only seen a few cosmetic issues with the beta. I know there are more bugs, but I haven't experienced them yet.

The stable version is OK, but lacks the multicore support so projects have a built limit in terms of complexity.

Anyways, you can download the demo if you want. It's mostly like the real deal minus saving or rendering or something. I forget which.

It's not really that it's better than Reaper or FL Studio, it's just that those programs have grown alot in complexity and like I said I can't even access the main features in FL Studio due to CPU load on my laptop.

Reaper can get a lot done, but if I get too frustrated with MIDI it makes me resentful until I can get the MIDI all cleaned up and frozen. After everything is frozen in Reaper, it really excells and is wonderful. But I'd rather be performing MIDI overdubs rapidly than digging into the editor to do mousework.

EnergyXT allows me to do the overdubs faster so my ideas don't get clobbered by having to edit the takes. It's certainly not perfect.

I think some of the appeal is merely visual too. It's easy on the eyes with the skin I have installed. And there's only a few things to set up in the configuration/settings. It's not got a mountain of features to configure like in Reaper.

So I guess i'm not very clear about this but that's how well I'm thinking today. I hope what I said makes some sense.

The main thing now, is that I use both Reaper and EnergyXT as companions to each other and it works out. Maybe later next year I'll get a better computer and eventually upgrade FL Studio to the full version though. I like FL Studio's synth automation features and it's step sequencer. I do use the step sequencer for making percussion loops on WAVs.

Probably all things considered, Reaper is the best deal of the three of them financially and considering support and CPU loading. Reaper seems to advance faster too.

I'm not knocking Image-Line though, their plug-ins are excellent. I use Toxic Biohazard and Harmor and they are great although Harmor is abstract to learn.

Aw, I'm done ranting. I hope I made sense---I didn't sleep last night at all.

Anyways, there is a KVR subforum for EnergyXT if you want to keep an eye on it.

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