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Re: From Live to Studio One?


is it possible to resample in studio one , as in live ? i can see there is no such function ? For example I add an audio track, set its Input to 'Resample' and I can record whatever is being heard on the master channel?

I read somewhere on the presonus forum , people suggesting setting up a bus for the desired tracks and putting that bus to an output , then recording that output on the master , but this is quite a hassle

is there any other more convenient way to resample in s1 ?

just to put my 2 cents on the topic - Live i love to use for writting music, as its the tool i've invested the most time and effort to learn and practice. After much hassle which other daw i must learn to get that big proffesional sound, and lurking at cubase, logic, pro tools, i think studio one is what i have been looking for. Also the developers really seem to care what users ask for features/improvements.

The splitter is great and comes handy with many purposes - apart from obvious sound design, one could do parallel proccessing right on the track ( effect racks in live are parallel too, but if you want to split frequency bands, it needs to be done separately). I also like the dragndrop feature for plugins . Also the macros are really neat, but not something that i have yet cared to learn really well..

I am still figuring out the signal path architecture

S1 is more of a straightforward tool, similar to a console-type of workflow (which i am not very versed at yet), and i love it for all the audio editing features that are not available in Live. Also i hear a better stereo image in S1 compared to Live ( i am not setting up a 'X vs Z daw argument here, but sometimes i can definitely hear that Live can't keep in time with itself , the overrated 'pdc issues' blah blah') Also i am not trying to imply that Live has inferior summing code. It sounds a bit less 'spacious' to other daws like cubase, logic, in my experience, but i'd suspect this has to do something with its pan law. Nevertheless no other daw has a thinner boundary between creative thinking and actual accomplisment of technical task with the tool (the daw). when i think of something i want to do, it takes the least time to figure out how to do it in Live, my most beloved versatile sound playground. Live has that workflow transparency which would let me focus so profoundly on the music, that i would even forget what tool i am working with.

I think both Live and S1 complement very well each other. For me S1 can't replace Live, but am not looking its substitute tool in the first place. So i am not sure if this answers your question very crearly.

The audiogeek in me overtook, i was listening to some Crunch right now, and its time to go work on some tunes

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