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Re: Layering a House Kick Drum

i used to be obsessive about finding ways to make tthe perfect kick drum. and now i hate to say it cos it's a shitty branded thing but... bear with me... nickty romero kick is just the best kick synth i have ever used. genuinely, it's so versatile, so tune-able to an accuracy you wouldn't believe or find useful. i wouldn't say it if i didn't mean it. it's transformed my kick drums completely to a way and standard i always stived to achive and i do it so easily now. i know this sounds like some cheesy ad, it isn't. it just really is that good
ignore the named branding, try it out at least and see what i mean, also hint - have th e velocity hit at around 50 for it's notes or it will start to add clipping to the kicks and be over loud.
As i just found out, there is now Kick 2, (non nicky romero name but V2 of this amazing kick synth)

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