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Re: The ultimate IDMf Community project?

Originally Posted by Stercogburn View Post
I wasn't derailing. It was a genuine question. Unless there's a lot of stuff that gets deleted/nuked fast, I don't see a lot of need for policing and worrying about it. From what I've seen over time, there's not a huge amount going on at any given time in this particular forum, certainly not the muppetry that goes on elsewhere.

it's not just about activity either, it's one of the newer sections, so better to start with that then possibly re-writing rules and so on for an area that's been around for a while and confusing the fuck out of everyone with changes. this way we can ease into things and also use this as a test model for the rest of the rules and areas in the future depending on how this goes down.
the forum is somewhere were a lot of people come each day and it'd be good to try give the best experience possible for all, and what better way than involving the great community we have here that actually use it all on a day to day basis to do that
Thanks to Benwaa
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