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Re: "Rent-To-Own" Serum

Originally Posted by professurreal View Post
Yeah but you wonT' be able to use it while you're not paying, right? It's pretty much like any subscription. Pay while you use it and not while you're not. But even if you're just gonna use it for one sounds during the period of a month this one sound will cost you those 10$, right? I suppose if you use it for a lot of stuff on particular project then yes it could be worth it but I can also see cases where it will be a blatant waste of money...
Dude, fist of all, why the hell would you pay for something you're not going to use..seriously! If you're going to enter into any kind of rent-to-buy deal, then you really need to be sure it's what you want to do in the first place..otherwise it's just plain dumb and a waste of funds. I mean, NOBODY should buy shit they don't need..end of story.

As for this deal..if you want the synth, then take the DOES NOT cost you more in the costs you EXACTLY the same as if you were to buy the Serum up front..there's not added fees or extra costs added on for taking the rest-to-buy deal.

And..obviously..if you stop paying before you've paid for it in full, then you stop being able to use it until you start paying again..that's normal and applies to anything you ever rent-to-buy. Offline, they usually send somebody around to repossess your stuff if you skip payments..but in this case they don't do just can't use the synth again until you start making payments again. Then, once you've paid the full total the synth is 100% yours.

I honestly don't understand how you or anyone can see this as a bad either want the which case it's a sweet deal//of you don't and none of this should bother you at all.

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