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Re: "Rent-To-Own" Serum

Originally Posted by Johnson Academy View Post
Part of me is really happy to see this, and I wonder why this hasn't been used before. As a student (no steady income) this is a game changer when it comes to buying new software and supporting the developers.


this may seem far fetched, but lots of beginners/young producers (myself included) might easily drown him/herself in too many VSTs. We all probably know the scenario I am talking about: "I'm not happy with my procudtion" -> *See a video on youtube where favourite artist uses X VST and makes dope patch with it/tells how essential it is* -> "Damn, I better get it".

But still, this is really awesome and will definetly put a dent on torrenting illegal copies.
Yeah, JA..I think you're spot on there about the whole "instrument junkie"'s a phase we all inevitably go it software..hardware..or that can sometimes come back to haunt us time and again through the years.

It's like we go through this cycle of production, where we start off buying shit to make music..then we stop buying and become really creative with the tools we've bought.

But then, as some point, we start to feel that itch again and get drawn in by that new synth or whatever it is that's caught our eye..and the cycle begins all over again.

I think the underlying cause is the drive to produce even better music..the need we have to become better at what we do..and the smart companies out there know how to market to that part of us..selling us something that we think will help make us sound better or simplify something we already do in the production chain.

The important thing, though, is to try to keep all this in mind and draw a mental line we won't cross. Granted, it's not an easy thing to do for some..but it's something we all have to do in our own way sooner or later.

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