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Re: Let's talk cheeses

Oi, cheese!

We had a cheese extravaganza for New Years. Classic Swiss Cheese fondue and Raclette. And that were just the appetizers.

My favorite was the combination of cave aged Gruyere and Taleggio. The fondue was the Classic Emmentaler and Gruyere mixture (white wine, garlic, Kirschwasser, nutmeg).

My favorites:

old Gouda, 2-2.5 years is best: firm and robust with rich caramel undertones, good salt, some crystallization adds to a nice texture, a real umami bomb. Terrific with a fig spread or dates stuffed with toasted almonds. Pair with a good Belgian triple.

Stilton: the King of cheese, it's a blue cheese with a firm body, it looks dubious with its caramel color and blue mold, but it has just the richest bouquet of almond and pleasant undertones of lactic acid and wine cellar, all flavors superbly arranged in a firm and creamy texture pulled together by a good salt and umami flavors. Superb with a good Sauternes, toasted hazelnuts, and pear purée.

St. Andre - triple cream Brie, rich and velvety, buttery with subtle Brie flavors paired with fresh cream. Pair with subtle flavors, such as fresh figs and a light wine with crisp acidity, such as a dry Mosel Riesling or Sancerre.

Humboldt Fog - semi soft goat cheese from Northern California with firm rind and creamy texture that's firmer towards the edges. It has very balanced and mild goat flavors and that tangy element of fresh goat cheese and subtle chalkiness that combines in such nice manner with the overall creaminess. Combine with roasted golden beets and, of course, an oaky California Chardonnay such as Rombauer.

La Tour - Italian triple milk cheese that comes in a tiny round, triple cream quality and a rich buttery flavor that integrates so nicely what we love about cow, sheep, and goat milk cheeses. At room temperature it takes on the consistency of a buttery, silky smooth spreadable cheese. Serve with a drizzle of Akacia honey and the most subtle of white wines, such as a light Gavi or a Blanc de Blanc.

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