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Re: Panning in Electronic Music

Originally Posted by Thoracius View Post
Panning is a common way to create a sense of space.

You have to be careful about extreme panning because of listening environments where people won't properly be able to hear a balance coming from both channels. Play it safe and don't use extreme panning on essential elements of your track (lead melody, bass, drums). For other elements it's up to you to assess what you gain vs the potential risk.

Sometimes things are panned simply to create space for everything in the mix, so everything has a place where it can be heard. Other times panning is used in a playful manner, to call attention to the stereo field. It can give your track a lot of character.

One cool effect you hear a lot is when a part is double tracked with each hard panned left and right. Another trick is to hard pan harmony parts, which will increase the sense of width on the track even more.

Sometimes you can improve a busy mix by converting a stereo track to mono and panning it instead.

Just keep it dynamic. Just like having quite parts increases the perceived loudness of loud parts, having mono parts increases the special perception of panned parts.
What would you all describe as extreme panning? if there are 50 values on each side would panning an instrument like hi hats around 30 on either side be too much?
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