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Re: Panning in Electronic Music

I've stumbled upon this thread as I was too looking into how I should pan stuff in electronic music. Although you stated it in your title, you didn't state electronic music in your write up. Just wanted to clarify you specifically mean edm or electronic music.

You're right as well, The Mixing Engineers Handbook is brilliant. Are you looking at the Third Edition too? as the first section on Balance has more dance orientated examples there than the 1st and 2nd editions.

As far as I know about drums for electronic music, is you should always keep the kick drum dead centre (I read this somewhere) and the bass because they are the 2 most crucial elements of your mix in dance music and they're ultimately to be played in dance clubs where the systems they use are mono. They're mono in clubs as opposed to stereo because you want people to be able to get a good perception of the music no matter where they may be stood. They might not necessarily be stood between 2 speakers. For some reason, apart from bass and kick, the other elements can be panned in different places. Not sure what the difference is there especially.

Also, claps and open hats anyway (might be the same for any hats don't know) but they are usually panned slightly left of centre, say 11pm. The claps might actually be panned right actually the opposite of 11, say 2pm.

That's as far as I know. My mixes certainly lack decent stereo / panning.
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