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Re: What's the difference between chillwave and chillstep?

Originally Posted by bIOtAPEstry View Post
Chill step.... Chillwave... EDM ..... Trap.....
None of these are genres really.
One of the problems with music is marketing. If you don't market, there is no chance of success. Kind of sucks, but that's the way it is unfortunately. People like to listen to music for certain moods.

"Chill" genres come in part to separate the aggressive oriented music from the soft and mellow stuff. Almost every electronic genre has had this, in the past it got more the "ambient" tag instead of "chill", but it was the same concept. All chillstep is, is a classification that shows that your mix / tracks don't have your super-aggressive drops and harsh brostep type sounds, and instead has more floaty stuff over the same half time beats.

There are worse tags. Remember the "intelligent drum and bass" tag several years ago? What's so "intelligent" about taking D&B and mixing it with mellow jazz, "rare groove" (translation: deep 70s funk tracks most people don't know about) influences, and ambient pads? I don't know. "Atmospheric drum and bass" is another tag for that style that's better. And again, all that tag means is that you'll be dropped a bunch of chill D&B stuff in a set, with none of the darker heavier stuff. If you want the heavier stuff, there's names for that too ("neurofunk" being a genre tag for such stuff for instance).

Incidentally, "chillwave" is a term invented by the sarcastic Hipster Runoff blog as I understand, the same blog that brought you the term "slutwave" for the Kesha / Katy Perry / Miley Cyrus sort of trend. I sort of wonder why the name stuck. Indie rock has been fascinated for drenching their tracks in reverb and using synths for, oh, I don't know, ever since the algorithmic reverb was created? Seriously, we already had the "dreampop" term for several decades, that's not a bad term IMHO and a pretty good description of chillwave too, I don't know why we need a new term. But oh well.

As far as "trap" is concerned, that's a Southern (US) hip hop term that got stolen by dubstep producers, that's why it may not make much sense. "Trap" in hip hop refers to a certain thing about the drug dealing life style they like to rap a lot about a lot; whatever, musically it is just a style extension of ye olde Southern hip hop techniques (see "crunk" and whatnot). At some point, Southern hip hop moved away from using a lot of big brass type sounds, and started aligning their fascination with Autotune-robot voices with more synthetic type leads and pads and deeper use of "808s", especially 808 hihat trills. So I guess a new name was needed to distinguish Lil Jon tracks from Future tracks. For some reason, dubstep producers started borrowing from this trend by taking the 808 BD and the trills, adding drops, and removing the rap. However, no new genre name was formed out of this, they called it the same thing. Thus, Diplo and Chief Keef now make the "same style" of music name wise. Funny, eh?

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