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Re: New rig migration thoughts please read inside :)

Thanks Artificer. Well it all turned up yesterday, are spot on delivery wise although I thought I ordereda 1060 and received/paid for a 1050ti.NVM more ram and not really fussed about this tbh.
Cleaned up all case and dust! Cobwebs,,,,hmmm!!!
Popped everythig in, thanks for the check on the spacers, onlyone to move and was missing the rubber rings around them from the original build.
Nice cable management in place.
Got to say, took a while to make sure everything was tiday and correct but I am proud to say " FIRST TIME BOOT UP".

What has surprised me is first time boot up, loaded all the drivers for the missing hardware and motherboard. Uninstalled all the old evga motherboard and expansion board drivers.
The old install "appears" to be running fine.
Will connect to the web in a bit to see how that goes and then test the daw. I am surprised, but I guess there's ot a lot of difference between theold and new hardware as only the mobo/cpu and ram effectively changed. GPU nvidia to nvidia and of course new psu (no detriment to OS of course).

Only two grips ad 1 mishap:
1. Appears one pin on the front panel I/O was slightly bent! But nt used.
2. The Scans OC bios settings didnt boot and whilst saved it only recalls at stock instead of the o/c. Will contact them later, hoping they have a backup their end!
Addum: Contacted them and they walked through the bios, whilst windows reports the stock the target clock speed in the bios for cpu and ram is higher andwhat is is running at,who knew#?!
3. Crossthreaded one of the screws holding the mobo down (left it in place no point in making it worse).

Looking forward to testing the DAW and plugins on this, praying it all works.

Thanks for you words hear and in the older thread Artificer, much appreciated.
@joem -your rig sounds amazing and , maybe 10+ years ago I might have been into all the RGBs and higher specs. :0) may get a .m2 drive at some point, Mrs needs a laptop first thats a priority.
Originally Posted by Artificer View Post
Yeah, pretty much. Make sure the standoffs that you screw the board onto match your new board. Leaving unused ones in there can cause the board to ground to the case and either fault or spark, neither of which are good. I like to install cpu + fan before putting the board in if possible, just so as not to have to fiddle in the case (I like small cases and have big hands). I like some good thermal paste instead of the big sticky pads, but whatever's clever. The R4 has a lot of cable routing, so I'd take the time to use it. No reason to have a rats nest.

Never used that software, but there's no reason it can't work. I've used Clonezilla many times without issue, so it's certainly possible. Might as well try it - worst case is it fails utterly and you format and start over. Worse you're out is some time, but you might save a lot.

It's just Lego blocks - tab A into slot B. You got this, man.

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