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New rig migration thoughts please read inside :)

Hi guys the good news
Rigs blown (see other thread to avoid confusion) not trying to hog posts here.
Good news ordered some new components to fit in with the existing rig.
Boring Part
Existing parts that I am using:
Fractal Design R4 Case
Samsung SSD850Pro 500 MB O/S Programs/Some DATA ie omnisphere.
Barracuda 2TB Drive for NI Komplete and other music data
120GB OCZ SSD for audio recording (use this for temporary files on live projects then move to external back up drives once done).
2 other data drives for music, video and random day to day stuff
The exciting part:
New components (purchased and committed, coming tomorrow)
Asus Prime X299a Mobo
I7 7820x CPU 3.6-4.3ghz not sure but its preconfigured
!beQuiet Dark Rock 3 cooler
16gb Corsair RAM 3000mhz (although likely clocked to 2666mhz for CPU o/c courtesy of
1050TI 4GB Windforce GPU
Lanys TI Firewire PCiE card
Seasonic 750W Gold PSU

Question any tips on how to install this into the existing case (all previous components (HD aside) removed.
Things to watch out for? Or is it simple drop in, screw, connect, power on and hope for the best.
Now I am wondering if anone has any experience on this

I use Macrium Reflect Pro for system back up. It has a feature where it can clone the existing install to a new/existing drive and different hardware. I appreaiate that there will be serial number issues etc with some software including windows. However has anyone tried this? OR IS IT the same old story fresh install and spend 3 days installing all software and configuring?

Wish me luck and appreciate any positive words.

Bummer note – cant afford to replace my NI Maschine which I sold only last week grrr....MK2 will have to wait. Elektorn Analog keys is going on gumtree soon... other ref post

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