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Re: Why criticize someones art?

Originally Posted by Richard Travers View Post
Sorry I just want to address the current generation of internet bigots. It seems these days that everyone's a critic, we are invited to leave comments on just about every site out there, soundcloud, YouTube, all the artist forums etc, but did you ever stop to think about whether it's right?
How is it wrong to criticise something? Personally, if my bass sounded shit and I couldn't hear it, I'd want to know. If my progressions were generic as fuck but I thought they were the new sound, I'd want to know. And if you don't want to know when your work is shit then you will always be shit at your work.

I get more pissed off when people hear my work and they don't think it's shit. Like my pet peeve when I used to gig all the time was finishing up and then spending the next hour or two dodging the compliments. Became a master at the art of saying, "Thank you so much that's so nice of you to say,"

Originally Posted by Richard Travers View Post
I don't think so, I don't think it's cool at all, so so many people leave comment's solely to "one up" themselves, leaving neggs because they can, it makes them feel empowered, well who the f*** are you? Firstly, do you have any idea how far that artist has strived to bring you their art/music? which you get to view and listen to FOR FREE!
Yeah. And a lot of people make music with software that they got for free as well. Who the fuck are they?

Honestly man, if you can't take criticism of your work then you definitely shouldn't be an artist. Shit, I think you'd struggle to find success in most forms of work if you can't take criticism.

Did you stop and think that maybe people criticise art because they want art to be better? Isn't it also possible that responding to that feedback and addressing the criticism might provide a more palatable product thus enabling you to make more art?

Originally Posted by Richard Travers View Post
Do you have any understanding of how most artists struggle for years, through poverty, loneliness, rejection from society, exploitation even mental health problems, purely for the love of their art and what do you do, encourage them? make them feel appreciated? no you tear them apart just to boost your own ego, makes me sick!!
Yes. I also understand that if I try to do something for a long time and after years of toil it's still a struggle, then I'm probably not very good at it and should find something else to do.

I spend a fair bit of time working on music. I've got about fifty tracks from the last two years that I've spend hundreds of hours on and they're all awesome. But I'm not going to put them online because they sound shit. The production quality is terrible, the mixes are naff and I already know that's what people will say. Shit if I shared any work with someone it would be to ask for help because I just don't have time and space to do all the work that's required to print a track that's up to snuff...

Have standards. Your work will benefit from it.

Originally Posted by Richard Travers View Post
Let me tell you something, your opinion is not valid, These people are on their own journey’s of discovery, they should, we should be free to experiment, explore and find a new in our art without fear of being flamed for doing so. . The only person it has to sound good to is the artist who made it, if it's not to your taste, f*** off an write your own, you know?
Wow dude.

I'd love to watch you clear the floor in the club and listen to what you said to the crowd as you dragged them back from the bar and forced them to dance because their opinion that the action's better at the bar is not valid... Shit... I'd pay good money to go to that show because clearing the floor with music nobody likes is one of my passions...

It's easy to get gigs playing music everybody likes. Only mad cunts can clear the floor and still get gigs.

Originally Posted by Richard Travers View Post
I don't think half the people out there even deserve or understand what they have been given? Society no longer value's artists, they get paid absolutely nothing and are expected to give their life's work over to the public for free, only for some idiot to come along and tell them, that beat's shit mate. . . shit? I hate them, grrrr. you don't deserve to have art in your life, at all! Ever!!
Society has never valued artists dude. Artists have always been some of the most exploited workers since forever... Parents have been telling their kids not to pursue art since the beginning of history, and that's why you don't see documentaries about the art of the Da Vinci family or biopics featuring a young Van Gogh falling in love with the mother of his children... all of whom were also painters.
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