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Re: add more screens easily

Originally Posted by Parricide View Post
yes its 100% free. probably should have mentioned that.

they say they are developing an ios client app, but i dont know how long this has been the case as i only just learned about it.

i cant work on one monitor any more, i dont know how you manage adding screens can be pretty expensive though, pretty sure i would just make do if i had to too.

if you do try it and you hardwire in, could you let me know how well it performs? im curious to know how much of a difference it makes. it works for simply viewing things (i used it for anaysers) but it would be frustrating to use if i actually had to interact on it.

i hope its useful to you and can get you a second monitor again
I'm not terribly tech savvy myself, I doubt I would do it hardwired as the router lives on the opposite end of the house on a different floor. Or I can I can just set up a router in my studio if I can find an extra one somewhere. Right, just a network for the dual monitoring. Don't literally need an internet connection. I'll have to look into that.

My partner was given a bunch of extra computer stuff from her company recently. A couple of monitors but they are HDMI or some other HDMI looking connector. I'm not even sure if I have all the motherboard stuff installed or if I could do dual monitor with one VGA or one HDMI. Really need to look into what I might be able to do with what I have, but I usually end up just sucking it up and using my free time for music instead of fixing issues in my studio : )

It was a bit of a struggle going back to one monitor. I love FL Studio, but its a bit of a mess with all its windows.

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