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Re: A question about parallel compression

Originally Posted by jbvdb493 View Post
That's the idea, I also use quite a bit of drive or distortion or actually fuzz is cool too for this, on the wet side, and try using compression in series too.
So you could have light comp on snare, another on the kick, etc. all going to a parallel bus driven and squashed and eqed to hell. Then all that blended and with a bit more bus comp on top of it all, it helps the dry and wet gel together a bit better.

Also you can use 2 different compressors in line with less comp on each and they affect each other, giving different character than just using one. (So 2 compressors with 2 dB reduction each instead of one with 4 dB.)
Or one pre eq and one post, or any other combination, just try it out.
Yeah, I was thinking that you can get a lot out of this technique! those are some good ways of using it!

Right now I'm experimenting with some compression and EQ, but that thing with the 2 compressors in series is a good approach! I knew about a trick where you could use 2 limiters in series for mastering to add more character, but 2 compressors in parallel compression seem like a nice idea! thank you
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