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Re: A question about parallel compression

Originally Posted by Vault O))) View Post
I always thought mixing in the dry signal was supposed to make heavy compression more transparent / less noticeable
Welp, now that I understand a little bit more about this technique I think you use it to make sounds bigger and fat, without destroying the transients of, for example, your drums.

I've been messing around with this trick the last 3 days non stop to find the typical settings and the effects that it can do and I must say, it's pretty cool. Parallel compression by itself it's pretty cool, but if you want something more agressive you can go full "New York" style of mixing and add (after your compressor ofc) an EQ with a high and a low shelf both boosting the low and the high end by a lot (4db to 9db!) leaving you with a really bright and fat version of your dry signal
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