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Re: Mixxx DJ Software

Originally Posted by relic View Post
Cool. Yea. I will grab a copy and let you know what I think versus Traktor. I've also used Numark CUE (ages ago, I think it is something different now). I've also used Serato.

I went and had a look at the features and I honestly see no major differences between it and Traktor (which I've used the most).

A thought on something that is rather inexpensive--there is a pretty cool program called MixMeister. It works more like a DAW and you create mixes by drawing automation curves not in real time. I had a...erm..."borrowed" copy of it a long time ago that I used just to quickly make mixes of my favorite DnB tunes for the car or I would sketch out what I wanted to do then practice making it happen live. I think I had their "Studio" version, but the "Lite" version doesn't seem to be missing anything essential. I didn't double check by the Lite is like 70USD.

If you are just wanting to have fun making a mix of your favorite music one afternoon, something to enjoy at a party later, its a pretty good deal. You can also get pretty creative with cutting and loop audio. You could probably do the same thing in Ableton Lite, but MixMeister is kinda like a no frills, specifically created for making mixes.

(I'd leave a link, but you'll find it if you google it :p)
(Also what I call the Lite version is called Express on their website).
Cheers..I'll be checking that out for sure.

Like I said, this is something I've been thinking about doing for a long while..but recently I've been trying to come up with "cost effective" ways of combining everything, so as to be able to either mix my own stuff live or just basically DJ using music by other artists.

How to do the DJ'ing part was obvious right from the start..but maybe I'm a little slow, as it took a while for the idea to dawn on me, but I can use the new NI Stem format to break down my own stuff and then mash things up live using some thing like, if not, this Mixxx program.

(..and let's not forget that it would open up a completely different way of getting a final mix of a track / project, given you can record with it, too..making an extension on to the whole studio workflow in general.)

Basically, I don't need to splash out on any other hardware..just a good laptop and my NI Stems and music files and I'm good to go..

That is, after a shitton of practice and practice...with a little bit of practice on top for good measure.

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