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[TRADE] Remix for remix

Hey everyone! Im looking to swap remixes with anyone. I remix one of your tracks, you remix one of mine. I don't have any expectations about what to remix or the sound of the remix. I just enjoy exploring and twisting tracks, there sounds, and there styles. I've mostly done remixes of video game music by downloading MIDI files and arranging as I like, but would like to do this with other tracks as well. I use Ableton Live Intro and sometimes a variety of free VSTs. Im open to using a pre existing Live set, or broken down tracks with maybe some info on the note arrangement. Any track that i still have the Live set for Im willing to send either the entire file or breaking down into remix appropriate tracks. If your a newbie, that's great too!!! Ultimately, id like to put together a collection of remixes, of my tracks and others.

Your remixes of my songs, and my remixes of your songs, will be shared on all my social media outlets, so you will get credentials and exposure from myself. I do not sell my music. Its all available as free downloads, so i would continue this if i did indeed get a collection together as i said. Really, Im just looking for anyone who wants to destroy each others songs for fun and see what happens! PM me with any interest, or I'll respond to your comments. I think these bellow are the links to my main music sites (if not, let me know and I'll get it fixed after work)


\/"Speed Run"\/
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