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Re: [Deeo House/Post Dubstep] Valdemar KIND

Originally Posted by yoyokidz View Post
Funny vocals! Sounds dirty and dusty and nice the production!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by tama262 View Post
Always a pleasure listening to a mastered track!
Thanks a lot! Self-mastered so glad it sounds all right.

Originally Posted by strangerflesh View Post
The mix sounds great! did you mix and master this yourself?
Thank you, yeah I do the mix and master on all my music. Really nice to hear you appreciate it and that it worked out well as I'm by no means a "real" engineer with a treated space. Just tried to spend loads of time on it until it sounded better.

Originally Posted by tafoz View Post
Cool drums, stripped back and not in your face, works well. I reckon this could of had less in it as the groove that can drive the track. Nice mix down too, doesn't hurt your ears
Thanks a lot, appreciate the feedback!

Originally Posted by Ecline View Post
Mixing, wise, it's pretty incredible. Also listening to this on headphones is a fun little experience.
Thank you so much!

Checking back in just now so I've completely missed some of these responses until now. Very cool to see people being so kind (no pun in intended) and giving the track some love. Really appreciate that.

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