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Re: More Modern Genre Forum Names

Saying dubstep is like house is like saying dubstep is like Trance. Naaaaah!

Dubstep IS closer to Dub and DnB in terms of BPM and hoovers/reeces/reeses/wobbles.

All that filtering is a DnB type of thing and when the two combined we got DopeStep.

Go to and listen, man. Madonna's Vogue is more like House.

Minimal Techno is more like House which is more like Trance and Trance make ya stupid. LOL

Dubstep is more like The Orb of 1990s techno / downtempo / dub brought up to date.

Even Trent Reznor's tune "Me, I'm Not" is like Dubstep. And that AINT House. It's more like industrial. And electro industrial is typically with a hip-hop influenced beat, not a 4/4 bland house metronome of kick drums. hip hop and industrial and dnb and dubstep and dopestep rhythms have syncopation.

Syncopation is what separates the genres. That's even how they do it on if you read the music descriptions. DubStep is only like House if you are thinking only about some of Tipper's work. But Tipper is a musical genius and isn't House either. Tip-Hop (by Tipper) is more like trip-hop.

I totally agree with the original poster above that we need a more modern set of categories.

They really should go by the categories on or is preferred. So that way we can get Chill, DopeStep, BreakBeat, Downtempo, House, Ambient, Illbient, Squee, and whatever.

Even SoundClick is a bit better about genres.

Deee-Lite had House influences. But Deee-Lite is not really house. But people who think it is must be the same people who put Madonna on my Deee-Lite pandora channel. Obviously, they didn't actually listen to the music or the musicians and just went by what they were told, probably about only a single hit tune and not the endless club hits that went on year after year and the wonderful remix albums. Even Madonna isn't really House, by the way. "Live to Tell" by Madonna is electronic, yes, as is "Borderline", but she's just not House. Even "Music" wasn't House, it was electro or Big Beat.

Sven Vath is more like House, or Haus to be exact.

Mutually-Assured Survival is preferred.

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