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Re: building fan base

Originally Posted by theycallmegav View Post
yea it seems like thats the way to do it, going out and meeting people. with work and other things it can be hard to find the time etc lol.

are you making dance music now? do you mean online communities such as these forums, or do you have any others in mind

I completely understand. I have a lot of pots on the stove as far as keeping the bills paid and I have a pretty close relationship with family and friends who are mostly not interested in my music (which is fine). I do a little bit of everything music wise all within the realm of synths and drum machines though. I'd say primarily what I make isn't dance music. But I try to squeeze out a dance track every now and again.

Online communities yea...but if you can find a local synth meet up or something, that would be even better. I briefly considered trying to get one started myself. I actually met a couple guys locally who are members of We Are The Music Makers forum. They were alright guys, much younger than me. We kinda sorta made plans to have a jam session, but it never really panned out.

You'd be surprised, the entry level into electronic music is so cheap (free if you already own a computer), there are lots of people into it these days. I actually have met more than a handful of people from my area on this forum and others. Though that has all mostly materialized into nothing.

Also as a side note, a lot of them seem really introverted to me. I've done everything to encourage them to get involved locally. I've offered free rides, taking care of cover charges etc and the only people I got out of the house so far are the two fellas I mentioned earlier. They missed out. After a few beers I'm always buying people drinks and taking them out to my car for a puff lol
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