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Buying a mic, wondering best pre-amp combo

Hey all, it's been a while since I've been back here.

Anyhow, straight to business. I've been researching the Shure SM7b for a good couple of years now, and I've had the money for a bit, but I've finally decided that now I'm going to order one. My problem is that I don't have a pre-amp, but I've been looking at the PreSonus Blue Tube DP V2 2-channel pre-amp. I know that the SM7b really shines when you've got enough headroom... or more like it needs it.

Why the SM7b? Well, it's to cover everything from super low growls and high shrieks to natural sounding country and roots-rock vocals. Also enough to survive close up hardcore punk style shouts and a few screams up close when someone transitions from a goregrind roar to a higher pitched scream. I'm not going with the SM58 because, well, the SM7b just sounds better on the lows, if you ask me. Especially rumbly growls. And because I can, so I will.

Now, the question is just if this pre-amp will cut it. I can afford a more expensive one, but this is for my personal studio, and not my friend's studio, so I'd rather keep the cost down when and where I can. My friend has a decent pre-amp, but his studio is dedicated to hiphop, not at all fit for what I tend to do, and I've had this discussion with him. Also, they seem to get by with a shit mic for their purposes. Nothing against them, it just doesn't fit the circle of people I'm setting this up for.

So, if this doesn't work, is there another more budget friendly option I can go with? Any pre-amp that works wonders with breakcore production experimentation, or livening up found-sound samples for IDM is a bonus. From what I've heard, this pre-amp should do just that as well. So, there's another function to look out for.

If any of you record, particularly extreme metal in the vein of atmoblack or melodeath, mainly, or some fuzzy sludge, I'd love to hear what you think of my prospective buys as well. Just want to make sure I have everything squared away and properly researched before I order.

Thank you for any and all time you spend on this thread. I'm a pretty fair noob when it comes to gear, so lay it all on me if you want as well.


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