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BB63 Beat Battle 63

BB63: Let's Go 8bit

It is 1981, a new 'home computer' company has produced a new model: the MIDSHIPMAN-63.

It has a revolutionary 380x280px 7 colour graphics system, and a two-channel 'stereo' sound chip that boasts four waveforms, FM, RM and AM effects, a whopping 3-voice polyphony, and an analogue filter!

You have been tasked with creating the soundtrack for one of the very first games. The success or failure of the entire platform rests on your shoulders.

1: You must only ever have a maximum of three voices/notes playing at any one time.

This means the most you can ever have is at any one time is:
1 waveform with a polyphony of 3
1 waveform with a polyphony of 2 PLUS one waveform with a polyphony of 1
3 waveforms each with a polyphony of 1

2: There are no effects like reverbs, compressors, phasers, chorus or other special effects built into the MIDSHIPMAN-63, just a single filter which cannot behave polyphonically (it can be accessed by either 0, 1, 2 or 3 voices at any one time). Automating, enveloping and LFOing the filter is fine, and encouraged. You can change the filter mode (LP/HP/BP/BR) too.

Use of LFOs to control pitch, pan and amplitude is allowed, but if you want to have, say, a phasing square wave, then that costs two of your three available notes (because you literally have to play two square waves out of phase). Similarly, if you want to use ring modulation, you literally have to use up your available voice channels as modulators and carriers. If you want a delay or reverb-like effect you'd have to do that manually, and in strict accordance with rule #1.

3: Due to the unique memory constraints of the MIDSHIPMAN63, only 5 minutes of audio time is available for you to use, and the developers want you to use that total time to provide multiple themes suitable for the title screen, loading screen, options menu, main gameplay, end of level boss, game over, and scoreboard. They're quite understanding bosses and don't expect miracles, but do your best.


Download here (163kb)


Each battle takes place over two weeks, starting on a Saturday.
Submissions close and votes open at 23:59 on the 11th day Wednesday.

Voting closes at 23:59 on the 13th day Friday.

The winner then becomes the Host, and has until 23:59 on the 14th day Saturday to post a new thread with a new sample set and new rules.


All times are UTC.


The Battle Host must provide a sample set to be used for the battle. These samples are the only sound sources allowed, unless the Additional Rules for the battle state otherwise. The samples can be anything that the Battle Host has the right to distribute for non-commercial use.

The Battle Host must create three Additional Rules. These can allow or require additional sound sources, or impose any kind of new requirements.


Anyone can enter the Battle by posting a link to their entry in the Battle thread. Unless the Additional Rules state otherwise, any processing is allowed and the source samples need not be recognizable. The Host may disqualify any entry that does not meet either the general rules or the additional ones.

Once the submission deadline is reached, the winner is elected by posting votes in the same thread. Anyone is welcome to vote whether they participated or not. In case of a draw, the Host designates the winner between the submissions tied for first place.


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