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The CIA runs Gizoogle!

I also like the one about the scientific technocrats which are using new media to dumb people down so that they can perform cheap labour up until the point that we are technically advanced enough to destroy the masses and fly off and explore outer space.

But then there's the depressing ones that are probably real like the secret service accidentally killing JFK, the CIA creating the heroin and crack industries in America, the oil wars and destabilisation of the Middle East by funding and creating groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Originally Posted by liquid_air View Post
Much of the early venture funds that fueled the dot-com boom came from black funds run by the NSA invested by the porn industry. This provided front row seats for high speed access to IT technology boobs.
Sorry, I just had to fix this.

Powerful elites monitoring their subjects is as old as civilisation... and surveillance programs run by the NSA don't really qualify as conspiracies as its well known to anyone who is technically literate. Like the Snowden files weren't news to technically literate people. Anyone with half a brain who values their intellectual property is smart enough to use encryption, isolation and randomisation to stay secure.

It's not really that hard and the silly thing about the outrage surrounding government surveillance programs is the fact that there wouldn't be such outrage if people's drawers were searched after leaving their front doors unlocked and opened. I'd wager that most people would say that it serves those individuals right for not closing and locking their front door.

So fucking lock your shit peeps!

P.S. We need a tin foil hat smiley.
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