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Re: [Prog Trance] Damerchi-Justified

Yeah, something about the bass is a little off - I noticed it mostly around 5:55 where you pull out the kick. Sounds like maybe you layered a couple synths and the timing isn't quite lining up? Or maybe you've got a delay or longish reverb that's making it sorta smudgy?

A few more notes:
First two minutes - I wanted to hear a little more variation, you might consider giving you pads a bit more movement (either vary the dynamics or mix up the chord progression every 16th bar or something).

The transition at 2:25 felt a little weak. You might think about letting the new bass line play out for a full 16 before brining in the lead at 2:30? Not really sure...

The kick drum pattern at 3:40 doesn’t really punch through. You use a different kick in this section that has a much longer tail, which is fine, but it needs more attack.
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