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Re: Alternative Controllers!

Originally Posted by Automageddon View Post
Also, no mention of the Linnstrument?

That thing is truly droolworthy...

What fascinates me recently are pad instruments, like the Electribes/Tempest/Beatstep Pro, with built-in scales and sequencer.
I know, they limit you to scale notes, but also make it easier to learn chord shapes and pattern that can work on any scale in the same shape.

I just ordered a Linnstrument and i`m super excited. Especially the introduction videos by Roger Linn himself hocked me up. In one video he took a quite boring normal Synth sound with filter... and only by playing it with the Linnstrument (and yes, he did mention, that you have to practice to learn some techniques... Linnstrument is no magic wand) there was so much expressiveness... suddenly a very beautiful sound.

You can`t make the Linnstrument play only "in scale notes", because it prevents the correct slides... but you can make it that way, that only the "in scale notes" are lighted up...

... and there is a guy who wrote a stand alone app with max, that turns it into a classic "all notes in scale" controller ... but that way, you can`t do the beautiful slides any more.

I guess as newbie i can`t start threads yet... but a "Linnstrument" thread would be nice

PS: the soundplane looks... sounds... awesome as well...

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