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Re: First synth- what should I get???

Originally Posted by Artificer View Post
I guess I'd double down on software and buy a really nice full sized midi controller with a good keybed (MPK88, SL88, etc) as you'd be able to make use of it, what with you tinkling the ivorys and all. Unless you really need the immediacy of being able to turn on and just play you're never going to get the depth and variation of a softsynth.
I have one, posted the pic above, its still in great condition and has weighted keys etc.

Originally Posted by Artificer View Post
If that's not up your alley I'd look at something that either does everything pretty well but has its own character like a Nord Lead or System-8. Something with enough variety to get a lot of great sounds but is reliable and easy to understand.
Perfect, I will take a look at both.

Originally Posted by Artificer View Post
You could also go full on old school with a Juno or Moog. The truth is that most hardware synths are more alike than not these days in terms of quality. The little $300 jobs mostly sound just as good as the $5000 workstations, they just have 2% of the features. When you get back to the real vintage stuff from the 60s, 70s and early 80s is when you get very unique and specific character to the sound because of the underwhelming quality of parts (20% resistors and caps, clock drift, etc) and the individual circuit design. I don't care how tedious and precise the modeling is, anyone that's sat down with an original Minimoog from the early 70s knows what I'm talking about. You want a truly unique synth, buy something really old. They're incredibly limited by today's standards but they sound like themselves.
Awesome, this was exactly the info I was looking for. I think I would really like something unique and vintage. With having Komplete and the software in the box it would be fun to have something vintage. Great suggestions!

Originally Posted by relic View Post
Have you considered the NI keyboard that pairs with Komplete? Seems like that might be worth looking into, expressive control over the software you own.

Otherwise, I agree with Auto that I'd consider something sequencer based that will make you think about music differently. Or even go way out there and maybe consider a desktop semi-modular. I know there are a lot of fans of the 0-Coast here...Auto...;p

If that idea isn't up your alley I'd probably get a Minilogue--seems pretty playable and has a lot of cool voicing options and delay--but wouldn't get you anywhere Komplete can't.
I think you and Auto are definitely helping hone in that I want something different that will force me to think and create differently.
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