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A question about genres

A question about GENREs Im hoping an experienced member of these forums can give me some guidance, I'm having a hard time finding the sound I'm looking for. Call it a study of bass lines. But its more than that. Its also mood that differentiates, but I'm not able to search for and find the sound or mood I'm looking for based on category names alone. Like deep house, Latin house, tech house, etc bring up results that feel miles away from the style of house im looking for, even though they apparent match the definition of what those sub genres are. Itsmnotmthe fault of the search enginesmormanyomesmfault, its the simple fact that housem!usicmis so diverse that its hard to find the sound you're after bynjust searching for music that fallsmintomthat category, as there are just so many DJs out there making so many tracks and mixes.

So it occurred to me the only solution would be to ask for guidance on the forums and see if anyone can guide me according to labels or artists instead as i think that would be more direct than the genre approach. If i was more experienced obviously it would be easier as i would know what names are putting out what sound but I don't know anythimg except what's in my memory bank. So I need your help

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