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REFLEX Pro V.2 from STW-Audio

REFLEX Pro V.2 from STW-Audio there are some really GREAT delay programs out there, each of which tends to bring something unique and interesting to a producer's mix..and REFLEX Pro is no different in this regard.

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The image above is of the latest version (V2), while the video below was made using an earlier version. If you pay attention to the video, you'll easily see the differences between the two UIs.

I fell in love with this plug the moment I saw it and knew it was a keeper when I listened to it in action. As you can see, it kinda looks like some old analog unit and it sounds REALLY good, too. This program can take your mix to another level with the wide range of sounds it's able to produce, everything from drones and space complete and utter sonic chaos and distortion!

This is the general description of the program from the stw-audio site..

"REFLEX PRO V2 is a powerful 4 channel multi effect delay unit. Predefined feedback routings and a clear structured signal flow make it easy to design unique organic and living feedback cascades. Audio parameters can be modulated from 6 modulation sources. REFLEX PRO V2 covers a wide variety of effects including spacey endless reverberation up to hard distorted or phasing modulations. Four distinctive LFOs can generate smooth transitions or trance-gate like effects.

REFLEX PRO V2 provides easy access to complete stereo signal paths which allows fast and creative sound design combined with ease of handling."

Like I said, there are many other delay programs out there..some free, some very costly..but when it comes to ReFlex Pro, one word springs to mind.."Creative". It's amazing what some of the presets will do to your music/sounds! Having said that, it has to be said the presets bundled with the program are not all completely "user-friendly" right out of the box..meaning some you might find yourself never using..depending one the kind of music you make.

But that's the thing I've come to find about delays in general..they are either a one-trick-pony or a one-cap-fits-all deal; and a lot of the time how good a program is really comes down to the kind of music you're making or the type of sound you want to achieve. ReFlex Pro strikes a fine balance on this front, offering something for it plain delay or wacky just need to spend a little time going through the presets to find something that fits your needs..or simply start mangling your sound with the program's controls.


  • Two independent stereo delay paths with a predefined feedback matrix or individual feedback options. A special LFO known from the REFLEXfree ambience generator adds subtle modulation.
  • Two filter sections including 16 single and 8 double filter types with selectable "hook points".
  • Two wave-shaping sections featuring 7 shaping types from soft saturation to crushing Lo-fi sounds.
  • One additional feedback loop with 4 routing types for dense reverb and feedback effects.
  • 4 channel frequency shifter for unique flanging and frequency modulation sounds.
  • Band-splitter for easy frequency dependent processing.
  • 4 LFO modulation sources with 46 waveforms 3 different play and many trigger modes. LFO depth and rate can be modulated.
  • 2 Envelope followers driven by RMS detectors with 0/1 clipping settings.
  • A panorama rotation algorithm for special rotating sounds beyond the possibilities of a standard L/R panning.
  • Ambiance section adding extra reverb with different routing options featuring very special soundscapes.
  • Modulation of most parameters with six modulation sources.
  • Free assignable MIDI controllers.
  • Comes with more than 220 categorized inspiring presets.

Just like GlaceVerb, ReFlex Pro V.2 needs to be bridged over on a 64 bit system,'ll need JBridge or something like it in order to run on a Windows 64 bit system.

OS: Windows XP +

Price: 49


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