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Re: GlaceVerb from Dasample

Originally Posted by A.M View Post
GlaceVerb from Dasample

This program has been around for a while, and while there are many other Reverb plugs out there, this one holds its own when it comes to its distinctive and unique sound. It may not be much to look at, compare to the average UI we are used to seeing these days, but what it lacks in visual appeal it makes up for on the ears.

Content visible to registered users only.

GlaceVerb is an RVM ( Residual Vector Modulation ) reverb unit that has at it's core a RVM proprietary algorithm that calculates the deformations, vibrations and acoustic responses of surfaces and materials.

Picture a band gigging out inside a large room, the walls of which are made of thin panels..and these panels vibrate as the sound hits them, resulting in a deformation of the over-all sound in the room. GlaceVerb tries to simulate such deformations and apply them to your mix.

Getting to grips with GlaceVerb is really simple, as everything you need is right there in front of you, in the form of 10 sliders..using it isn't convoluted in any way (..pun intended).

Along with the 10 sliders, you also get 64 handy presets from the drop-down menu, that you can use as is or as starting points in your quest to find the sound you're looking for on your mix.

Below the slider panel you'll find 4 clearly marked knobs: Size..Bass..Dry..and Wet..each of which speak for themselves. All you do is basically pick a preset and then twiddle the knobs until you find a sound you like..or, alternatively, just play with the sliders and really is child's play.

GlaceVerb comes only in 32 bit format, so you'll need to bridge it over onto a 64 bit system with the likes of JBrdge if you have a 64 bit based system.

Main Features:

  • Residual Vector Modulation (RVM) reverberation engine.
  • Reverberation time : up to 20s.
  • Improved reflections algorithms for more natural sounding.
  • Surface parameters (Texture, Absorption, Reflection).
  • Density control (from Flat to Extreme reverberation).
  • Size, Bass, Dry and Wet quick access controls.
  • All functions and controls are fully automatable.
  • 64 hi-quality presets.

Dasample's website has been down for some time now, showing an "Under Construction" notice, but GlaceVerb is still widely available elsewhere on line for free.


OS: Windows XP +
Format: VST

Price: FREE

Link: Various -
Love this plug of my faves for when the rest of my reverbs just do not have the fit for a track or client I am looking for..I use this or Dream Verb from UAD.

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