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Rebe7 20-08-2016 05:15 PM

I need your help
Hello. Rebe7 here.

I'm looking for IDM music. I would like you to name anything that relates to the style of Luke Slaters' "7th plain". I know about boards of canada already, but I want to go all the way down the rabbit hole.
Please no mainstream artists.
Underrated ones, gems, experimental ones, ...

Thank you for your help.
I really need to fill up my knowledge about (classic) IDM.

lolirl 28-08-2016 09:14 AM

Re: I need your help

That should get you started.

Rebe7 30-08-2016 07:33 AM

Re: I need your help
Thank you so much!!! Finally something to start with!

Chozo Tull 05-09-2016 03:18 PM

Re: I need your help
I really recommend checking the 2016 releases topic. And every iteration of that topic in the coming years (are they archived for past years ? )

radiowaves 07-09-2016 09:23 AM

Re: I need your help

Originally Posted by Rebe7 (Post 1410259)

Luke Slaters' "7th plain"

Listened to it.

It is HOUSE.

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